z-Lock Electronic Lock System

  • Multi-factor Authentication Electronic Lock System
    User Code » Password » One-time PIN

  • Keyless and Cardless Secure Authentication

  • Remote Central Management

  • Online Central Authentication

  • Non-stop Operation when Network and Power Failure
    with Offline Authentication Support

  • Instant Monitoring and Management

  • Sub-User Integration and Authentication System
    (For CIT and Field Service Providers)

  • Multi-User Dependent Access Support (Mutual Protection)

  • Customizable Notification System

  • Automated Alarm System Setting to On/Off

  • Compatible with all ATM and Safe Models

  • Multi-Language Support (Turkish, English)

Usage Areas and Compatibility

  • ATMs (NCR, Wincor, Diebold, GRG, ...)

  • Safes (Bank Branch and Cetral Safes)

  • Cabins (ATM and GSM Cabins)

  • Safe Deposit Boxes

  • TCR (Teller Cash Recycler) Devices

  • CIT (Cash-in-transit) Vehicles

  • Compatible with All ATM and Safe Models

Integration Options

  • With Active Directory, LDAP and Similar User Management Systems

  • With ERP Systems (Access Right, Work Order, Rule, …)

  • With OTP (One-time Password) Hardware and Software

  • With Staff Tracking Systems

  • With Biometric Systems

  • With Alarm Systems

  • With CIT (Cash-in-transit) and Field Service Providers

Monitoring, Reporting and Notifications

  • Accesses 
    (Successful and Failed Access / Access Durations and Details)

  • Unauthorized Access (Forced)

  • Suspicious Operations (Too Short / Too Long)

  • Panic Alarm

  • Device and User Blocks

  • Lock and Door States

  • Network, Electric and Battery States

Technical Specifications

  • Local Network (LAN) Connected Mainboard (GSM Option)

  • 2 Lines, Energy Saving Display with Backlight

  • Water Splashproof Keypad

  • 24 V Wall Type POE Power Adapter

  • 3.7 V 2.000 mAh Rechargeable Battery

  • Micro USB Backup Power-In on Display

  • 30 Days Battery Life While Power Failure
    (For 2 Lock Access per Day)

  • 180 Days Standby Time While Power Failure

  • Offline Authentication Support  While Network Failure

  • Lock Sensor

  • Door Sensor (Optional 2nd Door Sensor)

  • Double Lock Support  (Optional)

  • Audible Warning

  • Easy and Quick Assembly (Screwless Mounting Brackets)

  • Remote Firmware Update

28.500+ Number of Sales
Most Common and Advanced Solution in Turkey Market


Electronic Lock System

Electronic Lock System

Electronic Lock System

Electronic Lock System

Bank Queue Management System

Electronic Lock System

Elektronik Kilit Sistemi

Bank Queue Management System

Bank Queue Management System

Electronic Lock System

Electronic Lock System

Electronic Lock System



Zenn is a technology company established in 2006 with focused to develop high quality, innovative, flexible and full integrated

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The most important products in the market are Electronic Lock System and

Bank Queue Management System solutions.

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